Steak House

A Constantly Evolving Restaurant

We work constantly on the exciting tastes at our Steak  by  introducing aging to our restaurant  , in order to obtain the best grilled meat . Our regular clients can constantly feel the change and improvement in the quality that we offer, ranging from our menu and decor. Small Steps, Big Improvements is our motto.

Wood and Coal Opened in the heart of Attard in June 2016, marking the start of a new chapter in the career of  Chef Gilbert Portelli and his Team . A Chef with an attitude to feed his imagination,  hungry for the best quality ingredients for his menu satisfy, in this friendly and family-style restaurant.


Run by award winning chef Gilbert Portelli,
a Pizzaiolo trained in Italy and the most knowledgeable chef on Scottoncina Meats on the island of Malta.

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find. Good meat, prepared as it should be, and good pizza with the perfect mix of grains to make it healthy and tasty at the same time. We cater also for the Gluten and Lactose Intolerant. We are simple, yet complete.

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