Scottona Event – 10th August

Scottona Event – 10th August

Aperitif / Amuse Bouche

  • Pizza frittat with smoked burrata

paired with Girgentina Frizzante BRUT, I.G.T. Maltese Islands



    • Duo of scottona fillet
    • Truffled scottona beef fillet carpaccio – arugula – burrata
    • Fresh summer truffles
    • Smoked beef fillet tartar pickled egg yolk and pickled radish

paired with Victoria Heights Chardonnay, D.O.K. Gozo


Main Course

    • 1kg juicy scottona tomahawk
    • Cooked medium alla wood and coal served with roasted sweet
    • potatoes and fresh baked vegetables

paired with Grand Vin de Hauteville Cabernet Sauvignon, D.O.K. Malta



    • Vanilla panna cotta passion fruit jelly
    • Almond and cardamom crunch

paired with Gran Vin de Hauteville Moscato, D.O.K. Malta

    • Coffee and amaro Montenegro


Price – €65


Scottona meat is recognised by small infiltrations of fat in the muscle mass, known as marbling. During the cooking process, the marbling will melt thus giving the meat a delicious taste and tenderness associated to this beef.